Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa, Gingerbread and Carol of Lights

We are starting this December with lots of fun activities for Riverson. We did the traditional Tech Carol of Lights, if you are a red raider you know what this is. Always fun for the kiddos to see. We joined Riverson's friend Lola to make gingerbread houses at the Tech Club, where she spent most of the time eating the candy. She really enjoyed it. We have also started getting to know and talking with Santa. More to come.....

Thanksgiving was really nice and relaxing, we finished working on the kitchen renovations and spent alot of quality time together. Football season has come to an end now, too bad the raiders did not have a great season...we will hope for better next year. Riverson and I got away for a quick trip to Houston last month to see Grandma and GG, and her pal Sloan, which she loves spending time with.