Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Houston & Back!

We recently went to H-town for a long weekend, mainly to see little Baby Sloan. Our friends Ako and Andrew's baby girl, whom is the cutiest thing I just wanted to eat her up. She is going to be a heart breaker when she gets older. Such a beautiful girl. We enjoyed a night out with the couple to take a break from the girls and have some fun! Then Saturday we went to see Paige Tarro at her 1st birthday party....she was having so much fun, what a happy birthday girl. Zach and I went to the Tech game and tailgated with some friends and watch the game with our friends Jake and Callie Loden. What a game!- but it was good times had by all!
Another great surprise was we got to visit with the Newtons, and see little Jackson- he is so sweet, Riverson was really into Jackson- uh-oh.

Pj's and slippers

At Grandmas house

Baby Sloan

Downtown H-town

A little tailgating

Paige and RLS
Riverson taking Jacksons paci