Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well Riverson celebrated her second Xmas but the first one where she knew what was going on. The girl was spoiled with fun toys and new clothes! She is just growing so fast, everyday we look at her and think she is practically an adult. She loved her new car Santa brought her. I couldn't help dressing her up either. We headed to Lubbock to spend her first Xmas with Nana and Papa. I think they were more into it than she was.....great grandma Lovell got her a baby she just can't let go of. We got to spend time with Uncle Tucker and Aunt Meg, as they got their fill of kiddos with us and the Hardy's! We had a beautiful white Christmas and a nice visit with everyone. Boy did she love the snow. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Cheers to the New Year and what is in store for 2010!