Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craft Vendor in the working!

Well this past weekend I completed my first craft show here in lake Highlands! Check out Tweedy Bird for updates! To sum it up- it was a learning experience, I met so many new people, and enjoyed every minute. I hated not seeing my little monkey over the weekend.....but mama had to make some $$$$. I got lots of great feedback, and I have built quite the clientele here in Lake Highlands! I want to thank Zach for being so supportive, he has helped me more than he will know. He has taken care for Riverson which is the most helpful- without any complaints or football watching excuses. He would make runs to the store, and spent many nights cutting and pinning to help me out for this show. It has been alot of work and preparation, but it is something I enjoy. Thanks Zach for being such a supportive and loving husband to me during this process.