Monday, October 5, 2009

30!!!!! Geezzzzz

Well - yes I turned 30 today. I decided to leave work early and start drinking wine at 4:30 today- ahhh b/c I'm 30! I was kinda bummed that my twenties are completely over with, but all of my wonderful girlfriends made my day so special. I am spoiled.....thanks for all the B-day wishes everyone. My b-day weekend started with the rained out arboretum party- but we made our own fun.......then I enjoyed the 5k with Court & Ash! it was beautiful weather, our dear friends Tara & Peter threw an October fest party on Sat night...such a great party! Followed by brunch and a lazy Sunday! I could not have asked for anything more- celebrating life with the ones I love! Here's to 30 more years!

Court & Ashley at the Mary Kay 5K

RLS running all over the place in her J lo outfit! thanks Aunt Jacy
In costume for the Cavazos party!

RLS was a little fairy!

Brunch group! Baby Hicks on the way and stud muffin Drake
Lazy Sunday with my chicky monkey!